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Daniele Ciullo originates from a tiny southern Italian town called Gemini which is in Salento; part of the Puglia region. He is one of six brother, and his mother is the essence of the Italian “Mama” and the true heart not to mention boss of the family.  Daniele’s love for food and cooking started at a very young age; 6 years old, when his twin brothers where born. He joined his mother in the kitchen like his three older brothers before him. He was tasked with looking after his younger siblings; which of course meant feeding them, while his older brothers where working with their father on the farm.  Daniele too of course later worked the farm. This is where he learnt the importance of using fresh and organic ingredients to produce nutritious and wholesome food. 

Hanna, Daniele's wife, originally from Sweden, also has a passion for hospitality and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. This, their latest venture is a product of many conversations and dreams.   

At Ciullo’s our aim is to deliver quality produce at affordable prices, both on food prepared on site to the ingredients you take home. Holding dear the core values they learnt as children.  Bringing love, joy and simplicity of food and drink back to your local area.

3 Keslake Mansions, Station Terrace, Kensal Rise, NW105RU  |  |  Tel: 0203 565 0151


We have sourced the most authentic

produce we can find and will offer it at the fairest prices possible in both the deli and store section. Our menu is created using the ingredient from both as well as the freshest local foods. 

Latte Art

Our coffee is a perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta. Made to perfection by our talented team. It's smooth and gives you the kick you want without that bitterness that often follows.


'Aperitivo' is the Italian ritual of gathering pre-meal to catch up with family and friends. It is something we wanted to bring to the local area. A place to come together over a cheeky cocktail or share a taglieri platter and bottle of wine,  


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